Jeremy Rhodes started Geek Eats in 2013.


Always a fan of games, Jeremy switched from video games to board games in 2008, when he realized his love for the social interaction and mental challenges offered by the new generation of strategy and party board games.

He was living in Missoula, Montana, at the time, where no one had money, so getting together with friends to play board games was the thing to do. Of course, when you get together, you must have snacks, so Jeremy started making hummus to bring along. Jeremy likes to experiment with food - just ask his mother - so he didn't stick to one hummus recipe for long. He started with original, next came chipotle, and then black bean. Friends started demanding his hummus at their get-togethers.

In 2010, Jeremy and his fiancee, Bernadette, moved back to Little Rock, his family home. His hummus quickly found favor with family members and his new friends at the Central Arkansas Geek Club, where Jeremy found a new boardgaming community.

Jeremy and Bernadette married in 2011 and moved to North Little Rock. By 2013, Jeremy, who had been working in restaurants, was ready for a new endeavor. His friend, Stephanos Mylonas of Mylo Coffee Co., convinced Jeremy that his hummus was marketable. One month later, Jeremy stood nervously behind a table at Bernice Garden Farmer's Market.

By August, dozens of regular customers were happily lining up for his products. He continually perfected new flavors, and his repertoire includes 12 hummus varieties as well as pesto and granola.

Jeremy's not done innovating. He's ready to take a big step forward and move into his own place, which he's excited to share with you! Read more about his Geek Eats Deli and Boardgaming Cafe here.